“Prayer does not equip us for greater works—prayer is the greater work.”

~ Oswald Chambers

Another reminder of how easy it is to think of prayer as a means to an end, or to think of Christ as a means to an end. However, if we understand that Christ is the goal, that He is what matters, it will help us understand that since prayer is my communing with Him, and with the Father, then there is no greater work than to be engaged with God in prayer. Being filled with the Spirit will produce a prayerful man. You cannot be filled with the Spirit and remain un-prayerful.

It’s easy to get caught up with the things of life, or even in other Christian activity and think that in those things will be found the greatest work that can be done for the church, when truthfully the biggest impact we can make on our lives and in our church is through the ministry of prayer.

And even just reading this, it can feel as though prayer is overwhelming, mundane, boring, or meaningless, and we feel guilt in thinking those thoughts, but it’s how we often react. This reaction leads to inaction in prayer, and we feel even more guilty, perpetuating the cycle. This is why being busy with other things is so appealing. It’s much easier to serve the church on a workday than it is to serve the church in an hour of prayer.

Let us recalibrate how we view our spiritual service to one another, to God, and to the church at large. Pray that God would make us men of prayer.