While reading through Deuteronomy 28, I came away with an overwhelming sense of how seriously God takes sin, and it made me stop and evaluate: Do I have a hatred for sin like He does?

I want to live my life as far from sin as I possibly can. I want to come again in repentance every time I fall and stumble through the weakness of the old man. I want to rejoice when I see the fruit of the Spirit manifest in my life.

Since I have been adopted as His son, I do not fear the curses pronounced in this chapter as a consequence for my sin. However, I cannot let myself use this as an excuse to let some sins slide. I know a few things:

  1. I love my Redeemer.
  2. From the drawn out description of the judgement on sin in this chapter, I know how seriously God takes sin.
  3. I know that everything I think, say, and do, are done right in front of God.
  4. God has given me His Spirit to give me success in the battle over sin.

How recalcitrant to think that I can commit such heinous acts in God’s immediate presence. Yet how sweet to know that in the very moment where I’m working at righteousness, I know that I have with me the one who fulfilled all righteousness, who can help me get it right!