In reading through Ecclesiastes, I was struck by a thought: Working hard does spiritual good. However, there is a caveat to this. Our attitude toward our work should be aligned with God, otherwise, our hard work becomes vanity and vexation.

In chapter 2 verses 18–23, we see that when we work hard to make a name for ourselves or build a legacy, this is all for nothing. We will be unsatisfied with our progress, and ensuring the continuation of our legacy after death will be a consuming vexation.

In contrast, we see verse 24 which says it is good to find enjoyment in toil, which is from the hand of God. Again in chapter 3 verses 9–13 we see that it is good for us to work because it is what God has given us to be busy with.

When we work hard with an understanding that we are working for God, we will not be unsatisfied with our work because we are not working for our own ends. We are not even primarily working to accomplish the desires of those over us in the workplace. We are working to please our Father in heaven, and His blessing on us for our labor will be more than we could ever dream of. Our soul will be satisfied with His delight in us. We are working to please Him. There is no vanity or vexation there!